Most Popular and Recommended Pizza Chains

Nowadays, pizza becomes the international dish. Even this food is originally from Italia, we now can find it in many countries including in the US. Finding the nearest pizza restaurants is not difficult. The United States has many pizza restaurant chains throughout the country. Some of these pizza chains are also successful to expand the franchises into other countries. For instance, we can find Pizza Hut or Domino’s Pizza in many countries. It means that pizza has the great fans worldwide.

It is arguable if you wonder about which pizza chain is the best. It is because every restaurant has its own concept and characteristic. That is why we cannot compare the pizza chains like apple to apple. For instance, we cannot compare Papa Murphy’s to Pizza Hut. It is so since Papa Murphy’s has to Take and Bake serving concept. Besides, Pizza Hut serves ready-to-eat pizza. If you want to decide which pizza restaurant is the best, you should try to visit them one by one. So, you can review which restaurant serves the most delicious pizza.

Furthermore, there are some aspects which determine the pizza qualities. First, you need to define the dough quality. The perfect pizza is made of the high-quality wheat flour for the crust. Then, pizza sauce also has the crucial role to determine the pizza quality. The nuanced pizza sauce is the best. It is not too sweet, salty, or sour. The last, the good pizza always has the high-quality topping. Cheese also becomes another factor which makes the pizza tasty. So, in order to decide the best pizza, you have to make sure that the crust, topping, and sauce are perfect.

So, what are the top pizza restaurants in the US?in this article we try to present some pizza chains? We do not say that the list of pizza restaurants below serves the tastiest pizza. But, we categorize the pizza restaurants below as the restaurants which can earn fantastic sales throughout the year. Check out our list below to find out the top pizza chains.

•          Pizza Hut.
The success of this company in pizza business competition is undeniable. Pizza Hut is enormous. It can achieve more than $13 billion each year. This company can earn the great revenue since it has more than 15.000 chains around the world. Established in 1958, Pizza Hut started its business as the pizza restaurant chain in the US. But, year by year Pizza Hut can run the international franchises. No doubt, Pizza Hut is considerable as the largest pizza chains in the world.

Even the name of this restaurant is Pizza Hut; we do not only can order pizza in there. In fact, Pizza Hut also offers other American-Italian menus. For instance, you can order pasta, salad, bread, dessert, and another side dish. This restaurant keeps innovating in creating the new menu items. For instance, it launches stuffed crust pizza. This type of pizza has the mozzarella cheese wrapped on the edge of the pizza dough. Besides, it also has Thin n Crispy pizza. As like its name, this type of pizza has the crispy dough. Also, it has Dippin’ Strips Pizza which we can dip the strip into some sauces.
After enjoying some menu items at Pizza Hut, you can involve in the survey. Pizza Hut offers TellPizzaHut to collect the customers’ feedback. That is why you can use TellPizzaHut survey in order to share your feedback about the menu. Besides, taking part in TellPizzaHut also enables you to get Pizza Hut validation code.

•          Domino’s Pizza.
Domino’s Pizza is the second largest pizza restaurant after Pizza Hut. This restaurant has a unique concept which other restaurants do not have. Domino’s guarantees the customers that their pizza will arrive in 30 minutes. If the customers do not receive the order within 30 minutes, Domino’s will give it for free. But, this company stopped this rule in 1993. It is because they expand the menu items. So, this restaurant does serve not only pizza but also the sandwich, pasta, and others.
Headquartered in Michigan, Domino’s is also successful to expand the business worldwide. No doubt, we can be easy to find Domino’s Pizza chains in other countries. That is why the menu items of Domino’s vary by the location. But, in the United States, the menu of Domino’s still focuses on serving Italian-American cuisine. Pizza still becomes the main menus in this restaurant. Here, you can order the custom pizza. It means you can customize the crust styles as well as the toppings. Also, you also can enjoy other entrees such as bread bowls, pasta, and sandwich. Furthermore, you can even order chicken, bread sides, and desserts.
In order to maintain the quality of the pizza and the service, Domino’s also has customer satisfaction survey. You can take part in Domino’s survey to tell your feedback. So, you can share your review about Domino’s menu and service. This way, you can help Domino’s to improve the quality of this restaurant.

•          Papa John’s.
Papa John’s is the first pizza restaurant which offers online order in the US. As the third biggest pizza franchise, Papa John’s does not only offer Dine-in. But, it also offers take-out and delivery system. So, the customers can enjoy the delicious Papa John’s pizza in their home. The most popular menu item in Papa John’s pizza is the dipping sauce pizza. This dipping sauce becomes the popular way to eat pizza.

•          Little Caesars.
Unlike other pizza restaurants, Little Caesars focuses on offering carry-out pizza. This pizza chain also offers the competitive price. No doubt, you can enjoy the hot cheese pizza from Little Caesars just by spending five bucks. This pizza restaurant can expand fast. No doubt, we can find Little Caesars not only in the US but also in Asia, Australia, Middle East, and Latin America.
When you come to Little Caesars serves the wide range of pizza menus. Most of the menus items are the Hot and Ready pizza. This restaurant prepares this menu to serve the customers who want to carry-out the pizza. No doubt, Little Caesars can sell the pizza at the lower price. Besides, you also still can order the custom pizza. It means you can enjoy the pizza with the topping assortment that varies by store. Little Caesars offers the Classic Pepperoni & Cheese, Hula Hawaiian Pizza, and Italian Sausage Pizza. Besides, you also can order Veggie Pizza, Meat Treat Pizza, and Ultimate Supreme Pizza. Furthermore, Little Caesar also added the new menu items such as Detroit style Pizza and Deep Deep Dish Pizza.

•          Papa Murphy’s.
The next, you must be familiar with Papa Murphy’s Pizza. This chain is different from other pizza houses. It is because Papa Murphy’s has an exclusive offer called Take and Bake pizza. This restaurant only prepares the dough and the topping. Then, you can bake your own pizza at home. With this marketing concept, Papa Murphy’s does not need any ovens in their restaurants. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, Papa Murphy’s operates more than 1300 franchises in the US and Canada. Having a large number of chains makes Papa Murphy’s becomes the fifth biggest pizza restaurant in the US.

The customers are easy to make an order at Papa Murphy’s. It is because Papa Murphy’s offers walk-in, call-in, and order online system. Some restaurants also offer drive-thru system. This way, the customers can pick up the pizza which they have ordered through call-in. Since Papa Murphy’s uses Take n Bake system, this restaurant can save the business expense. This restaurant spends the lower cost than other pizza houses. It is so since Papa Murphy’s requires the less equipment and the restaurant space. Besides, Papa Murphy’s does not only provide the pizza dough. You also can purchase the cookie dough, salads, cheesy bread, and cinnamon wheels.

After visiting Papa Murphy’s pizza, you should use a little of your time to take Papasurvey. By participating in PapaSurvey, you will be able to receive a coupon from Papa Murphy’s. This coupon is the reward since you have taken part in Papa Murphy’s survey. When you take part in PapaSurvey, you can voice up your suggestion about this pizza house. Besides, you can complain the service given by Papa Murphy’s as well.

Those are five pizza restaurant chains you can find in the US. Have you visited all of them? If you have not, you need to try them one by one. So, you can compare which chain serves the best pizza. After enjoying their pizza, you should take part in their restaurant surveys. Usually, these pizza chains will invite the customers to complete the survey. Just check the receipt you got from this restaurant to find out the survey invitation. Besides, you also can access to view the complete information about these pizza restaurant surveys. In, you can find the articles which explain about PapaSurvey, TellPizzaHut, or Domino’s survey. This way, you can take part in these surveys easily.
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