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Some Healthy Tips for the Picky-Eater

If the saying Food is not My Cup of Tea relates to your eating habit, it means you are a picky eater. Other people may recognize you as a finicky eater. A picky eater or a finicky eater refers to a person who is a bit choosy with the food they are going to eat. They do not like to eat the certain food. This kind of person only eats the food they like. No doubt, a picky eater sometimes face the health problem. It is because sometimes they do not eat the healthy food. They may refuse eating vegetables. This way, their body may be lack of fiber and mineral.


So, are you one of the picky eaters? Do you select your food carefully? Unfortunately, the picky eater will reflect from the body. As the example, a picky eater may be short in their height. It is because their body is lack of calcium. They may not eat any food or drink which is rich in calcium. Other picky eaters may be too skinny or thin. When they wear any clothes, they will look like a cloth hanger. That is why the picky eater should change this bad habit. Even it is not easy to eat something you hate. But, you should consider your health. Your body needs the balanced nutrient. So, the matter is not likeness but the necessity. Even you do not like the certain food, your body still needs it. If you are sure to change this habit, we present several tips for you.

  • Do not leave what you hate.

One of the problems faced by the finicky eater is they often leave the food on their plates. Their brain and tummy order them to leave their eating place. So, even you do not like the food, you should keep sitting and eating. This way, you can enjoy what is on your plate. If you do this regularly, you will like that food. Remember not to leave your food whatever it tastes. You should note that some food is healthy even they are not delicious. In contrast, the tasty food may harm your body. For instance, Junk food is tasty but it is not healthy at all.

  • You should not pay attention to the food you eat.

In case, you have the certain food, you should keep eating it. Do not look at the food when you eat them. Just chew and swallow it. never throw away the food you hate. To minimize the unhappy feeling, you can eat them while listening to the music. This habit may require a big effort. You should not ignore the taste and appearance of the food. You just need to imagine the healthy nutrient from this food.

  • Make a healthy version of your picked food.

If you cannot leave your favorite food, you should make it healthier. For instance, you may love eating pizza or burger. This food may be unhealthy since it contains many calories. So, you should modify them to be the healthy food. As the example, you can add some vegetables on your pizza. Besides, you may use whole grain to make the pizza dough. This is the healthier alternative.

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