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Great Ways – The Best Ways to Share Your Feeling to a Boy

Have you ever felt in love with a boy, but you cannot state it? And, you have to keep it in your heart and just be his secret of an admirer. Do you believe that this feeling is hurting and annoying? Well, wake up guys and state your feeling now.

This article will help you to find the great ways to tell you're truly feeling to a boy. At first, you should not think about the result of its confession. At least, you have told the truth that you have been keeping it in your heart. You need to realize that this situation has hurt you for a long time. And, let’s go, guys, you need to follow some great ways below:

•           The first (1):
At the beginning of the great ways are about to wait the perfect time. In this occasion, you need to wait your boy is in the best condition. Remember, you must avoid the time when your boy gets stressed with its school or work, family problems, or the other problems. If you force yourself in this bad time, your boy maybe will not receive a new development of your relation. So, in this time you need to wait your boy is in a happy situation and secure. If you find it, it will be a great opportunity to you.

•           The second (2):
The next great ways are the best private location to talk. When you are ready to tell your feeling to a boy, you need to find out the private location to talk. In this case, maybe some people have different ideas. But, you need to make sure that the place is comfortable and meaningful in your relation.

•           The third (3):
Then, to tell your feeling to a boy in these great ways are about to keep it simple but touching. If some boys try the romantic ways to tell their feeling to the girls, the girls should do the opposite. In this case, you need to make it simple but touching. If you force yourself to create a romantic way, maybe your boy gets shocked and thinks that it is strange. So, you must tell your feeling in a simple way. For example, you may tell the things that make you happy with him. Then, you may lead him to the love topic. In this occasion, the touching moment is created by the best location and your way of sharing. Hence, you need to tell it in a slow but sure. You may look at his eyes and say anything in your heart.

•           The fourth (4):
The next great ways are about to state in clear way that you love him. Maybe, this part is the most difficult task, but it is the most important part of your conversation. Even, your main purpose is to tell your feeling. So, you have to brave yourself to tell it now.

•           The fifth (5):
If you cannot meet your boy, you may tell it by a letter. Even, you may send a poem, song, or video for your boy. In this occasion, you may write it down in a letter or poem. This way depends on your intention.

•           The sixth (6):
Then, it is the last great ways. After you do all the ways, you just need the result. But, you must prepare yourself for anything the results are. In the other word, you have been ready that your boy refuses you. If you faced that situation, you need to make sure that you can control your emotion.
Although you will cry after it, you must show that you have accepted the result and you are strong enough with it. Maybe, if you show your emotion too much, he will be a pity and accept you to make you happy. But, this reaction is the worst decision.

Great! What do you wait for girls? It is the best time to tell your feeling to him. In a hope, these great ways will help you to find your true love. Best luck!
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