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McdVoice – Taste McDonald's Menu and Join McDonald's Customer Survey 2018

Have you tase McDonald's Con? How is the taste? Yes, you can share any complaints or recommendation about your eatery experience in McdVoice. McdVoice Survey is the online guest satisfaction survey which is held by McDonald's, Inc. Within ten minutes, you can complete all series of question. Then, you can get the opportunity to win McDonald's Coupon. As you know, by that coupon, you can enjoy a free meal at McDonald's Restaurant. For the detail survey guides, you should visit Happy exploring!


About McdVoice

In line with TellPopayes, GuestObsessed Survey, or MyBKExperience, McdVoice is one of the examples of the customer survey portal. It is an online survey style where the customers can share their concerns and perceives. Further, there are some glorious prizes involved that of course, it can interact the customers. To get in touch with the customers, McDonald's Company created McdVoice to monitor its achievable goals based on the customer's reviews. That sound was great, isn't it?

The Qualification in McdVoice

Before talking much about the step by step in McDonald's Customer Survey, it is better to prepare some qualifications to run the survey. Even, McDonald's will never push the customers with any hard qualifications in McdVoice. While you try to do your best in Mc Donald's Voice, McDonald's Company will appreciate you for its best prizes. And, here the qualifications are:

  • The first qualification:

To reach the survey, you must be one of the residents of the United States and District of Columbia. Then, you must be 18 years old or more. It includes that you are not a part of McDonald's Staff and employees.

  • The second qualification:

Then, McdVoice needs your McdVoice Survey Code. Just be sure that you join the survey within three days of your current visit.  Anyway, you can find this code on your McDonald's Receipt.

  • The third qualification:

For the next, you should prepare your private electronic devices. In this case, you can use a set of computers, laptop, or tablet. Even if you cannot reach those devices, you can use your Smartphone. After making sure that your device is perfect, you need to check your internet browser. It can be Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and much more examples. It includes the strong internet connection

  • The fourth qualification:

At last, you should be sure that you are familiar with English or Spanish. Once you arrived at, you will get the instruction in English. And, you can change it into Espanol if you are not confident with English.

The Step by Step in McdVoice

Now, it is the best time know about the step by step in McdVoice Survey. And, here the steps are:

  • At first, you need to visit the survey website at
  • Then, you may give the information about the McdVoice Survey Code. If you don't have the code, you can write down the store number and much more. This menu is available under the picture.
  • After that, you can start your survey by answering some questionnaires. You will meet several like-scale statements. And, you can support your server by writing the suggestion or share any complaints.
  • Then, the validation code will appear on your screen. At that time, you need to keep your McdVoice Validation Code and redeem it on your next visit.
  • Anyway, you can give some personal information such as your complete name, address, and phone numbers. So that you know, every section will appear on its special time-period. So that's why you must complete it in a fast way. Then, from this online survey, you will get a chance to win McdVoice Coupon which can let you enjoy the certain meals for free.
About McDonald's Customer Service

Even if you have any troubles in McdVoice, McDonald's Menu, and all about this company, you can stay connected with McDonald's Customer Survey. Here the detail information is:

  • Website address, you may get the large information about this company by its website address. To each this website, you can visit Through this website, you can send the email by clicking on the menu “Contact-Us.”
  • Mailing Address, another way that you can use to communicate with the customer service is by a letter. You can send your letter to McDonald's Corporation, 211 McDonalds Dr. Oak Brook, Illinois 6053 the United States.
  • Phone Number, you can dial the customer service at +1 800 244 6227. They will be ready to answer you at 07.00 AM to 07.00 PM CST.

Great! You are able to understand every single detail in McdVoice. The first thing that you must do is about to visit this fast food restaurant and enjoy McDonald's Menu there. Complete you ten minutes survey at See you there!

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MyKFCExperience – Win a Free Go Cup and Spicy Wings by Completing MyKFCExperient's Survey

The Spicy Chicken Wings in Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant becomes the queen for mostly all of the customers. Have you visited KFC this day? Have you tasted the spicy chicken wings there? You are so lucky, guys! Make sure that you throw your receipt in the rubbish box because now you have a chance to win a free Go Cup by completing MyKFCExperience in MyKFCExperience's survey.

About MyKFCExperience

As the most prominent fast food restaurant in the world, KFC comes in the middle of its customers and tries to hear their complains and recommendation. MyKFCExperience is the answer to KFC's management desire to be close to its customers. This platform is a space for all the customers to give their command, review, feedback, critics, or suggestion as KFC's performance. All the KFC's customers can freely access this space on

In MyKFCExperience platform, KFC's management provides some of the questions to measure the customer's satisfaction or dissatisfaction about its performance. KFC's management tries to review all the sides of KFC including food quality, place quality, employee's manner and services, security, food price, and so on.

KFC's management prepares not only the questions but also some great rewards to all its loyal customers. After completing the online survey, they can freely choose the sweepstakes and get a chance to win the free Go Cup and the others additional rewards.

The Rules on MyKFCExperience

There are some rules in MyKFCExperience as the management's consideration to choose the winner and the requirement for the customers to participate in MyKFCExperience's survey. You need to prepare yourself and make sure that you are qualified for the requirement. Read the following information below carefully:

1. Firstly, you must be the United States' Citizen. You are the real American to give your survey.
2. Secondly, you must minimum 18 years old customers
3. Thirdly, you have visited KFC Restaurant and still kept the receipt. The receipt is not more than 30 days old.
4. Fourthly, you are not the KFC's employee or its family.

The Stepson MyKFCExperience

You have to prepare yourself to give your review or feedback on MyKFCExperience's survey. Before you complete the survey, you have to adjust some stuff, such as:

1. Laptop, PC, or Smartphone
2. Internet Connection
3. A pen or pencil
After all of that stuff is ready, you may start your online review, please read and practice these following instructions:
1. Firstly, visit the official website
2. Next, chose the preferred language. You may choose between English and Spanish.
3. Thirdly, enter the Survey Code. The survey code is available on your receipt. You have to enter the date and hour of your visit. That information is also available on your last receipt.
4. Then, You have to answer some of the questions about KFC's performance. Some questions will measure your satisfaction with KFC. The questions and statement are such as the Like-Scale. The questions are about food and place quality, the service, employee's manner, food price, and so on. You have to answer the questions honestly based on your own experience. After you give the rates, you will be given the space to give your review descriptively.
5. Fifthly, You may submit your review and put your personal information. It may be your complete name, website address, and phone numbers.
6. The last, you have to choose your sweepstakes and wait the KFC's customer service send you a code When you get the code, directly you must write it in the receipt and redeem it on your next visit.

The Reward on MyKFCExperience

After completing the online survey on www MyKFCExperience com survey, you will get a chance to win the great prize from KFC Restaurant. KFC has prepared a free Go Cup for the winner and also the others additional prize. The additional prizes are Extra Crispy Tender, Popcorn Chicken, Chicken Littles, and Spicy Wings.

You may change your coupon code on your next visit. You cannot change your coupon with the others customers, and it will be available based on 30 days old. The coupon is available just on one exchange.

About KFC Restaurant

KFC Restaurant or Kentucky Fried Chicken is the most prominent Fast Food Chains in the world. This big fast food restaurant is the success in mostly all the countries over the world.  Harland Sanders as the founder of KFC built its restaurant in 1930 in Louisville, Kentucky, the United States  In  1991, KFC restaurant became the hardest competitor of McDonald's. Moreover, KFC is stated as the world second-largest restaurant in the world after McDonald's. Now, KKFC has stated almost 20.000 locations in more than 123 countries territories. Same as its competitor, KFC Restaurant is also the Fried Chicken specialist. There are some unique menus such as hamburger, spicy wings, soft drinks and the others dishes.

Contact Person of KFC Restaurant

If you need some information about KFC's franchise, product information, or the other questions, you may contact these following information, read it properly:

1. Customer Phone Number: 800-225-5532
2. Email Address:
3. Website:
4. Mail Address: 1900 Colonel Sanders Lane, Lousiville, Kentucky, 40213.

Enjoy MyKFCExperience and enjoy your best free meal!
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