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Talktosonic – Get a Free Drink by Filling Out a Sonic Survey!

Fast food restaurant could be the best choice for a busy person. A busy person usually has less break time and needs to eat fast and get back to work as fast as possible. Good news for you because Talktosonic offers you a free Sonic route 44 drinks by only filling the survey. Since fast food restaurants become one of the most favorite choices, it would be great if a restaurant wants you to participate in a survey to make the restaurant better right? So the restaurant will serve you better on your next visit. Moreover, they offer you with a free drink! So, let’s get started!

What is Talktosonic?

Talk to sonic is actually an online survey which is provided by Sonic America’s Drive-in restaurant. Just like the name of the survey, they want you to talk to them about your experience when you are buying food from them. Your candid feedback would be valuable for their improvements in the future. Upon completion of the survey, you will get a free route 44 drink as an appreciation for your caring for them. However, the restaurants don't provide you with a survey in a paper form. So, you have to fill the survey on your own through online. So, you will need few things to do it.

Things You Need for Talktosonic Customer Satisfaction Survey

•          A Device
Prepare a device whether it is a laptop, computer, or a smartphone that can connect to the internet.

•          Internet Connection
Get an internet connection from your own data or Wi-Fi to access talk to the sonic survey.

•          A browser
There are so many browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera which work the same way. Choose one the most suitable for you to access the website.

•          Talktosonic ID Number
The ID number is printed on your receipt, go check your current receipt to get one. If you haven’t made any purchase at Sonic America’s Drive-in, you are not able to join the survey, because they will ask your ID number which can only be granted from a transaction.

Steps to Fill the Sonic Survey

Chill, the steps are easy to follow. Remember, they need your candid feedback based on your personal experience. So, just let it flow if you think they are bad in certain points, just let them know. Let’s begin the steps!

•          Step 1
Access the official website of talk to sonic survey at

•          Step 2
Choose a language preferred. They offer you two languages which are English and Spanish.

•          Step 3
After that, you need to read the terms and conditions and also privacy policy to fully understand the survey. Most people don’t want to read them, if you don’t have time for that, it would not be any problem as well.

•          Step 4
Enter your ID number which is printed on your receipt. If you still don’t know which one your ID number is, then you can ask Sonic’s staffs.

•          Step 5
After you filled your Talk to sonic ID number, you will be directed to the survey page. Just answer Talktosonic questions honestly based on your opinion.

•          Step 6
You will be given a Talktosonic validation code, take a picture of it or type it down. After that, you can show it to Sonic’s staff in your next purchase to redeem a free Sonic route 33 fountain drink or an iced tea.

Talktosonic Sweepstakes Rules

You must follow these rules to get your free drink. Take it easy, the rules are easy to follow.

•          Purchase Food to Redeem a Sonic Free Drink
It means you can’t just take your free drink with your unique code. You will be asked to purchase any food first before you can redeem your free drink

•          You only have 14 days from your last visit to fill the survey and 60 days to redeem your free drink.

•          Only one person per free drink per visit

About Sonic America’s Drive-In

Sonic is one of the biggest fast-food restaurants which serve its customers with delicious food. They have various menus such as French fries, corn dogs, chili dogs, and hamburgers. The most special menus are their drinks. Because the customer can mix them and make thousands of possible drink combinations. They also sell ice cream such as sundae and banana split.

Sonic America’s Drive-In Customer Service

It would be great if you can tell your complaints anytime you want right? Yes, you can share your complaints with Sonic America’s Drive-in Social media. These are the list of their social media:

1.         Sonic America’s Drive-In Official Website:
2.         Sonic America’s Drive-In Facebook:
3.         Sonic America’s Drive-In Twitter:
4.         Sonic America’s Drive-In Instagram:
5.         Sonic America’s Drive-In YouTube:

Sonic doesn’t provide a phone number for their customer service, however, their social media is active and you can use it to contact them. The Sonic America’s Drive-In headquarter is in Oklahoma City.

What do you think about talktosonic? Will it be useful for their improvements? Well, even if it is not, the most important thing is your free drink right? Well, fill the Sonic America’s Drive-In survey now and enjoy your free drink!
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